I'm convinced you were created for a purpose.


Your story, your personality, your strengths, and your passions are each unique, giving you so much to offer those around you.


And yet, we're living in a beautiful-but-messy world, so everyone’s story includes struggles along the way.



So, what do you do when you're in the midst of the mess? 


When you're navigating a significant transition or overwhelmed by mounting demands?


When you're struggling to connect in a relationship or grieving the loss of someone who meant so much to you?


Or when you’re longing for a more fulfilling and authentic life but feel stuck?



If you feel worn out from trying to push on despite the heartache and struggle, the overwhelm and discouragement, you don't have to struggle alone. 



At times we all need to step aside from the daily pressures and seek out support to heal our wounds, reassess our situation, learn some new skills, get a fresh perspective, and be strengthened for the days ahead. 



That's why I founded Meadowinds, to provide individual counselling for men and women in Alberta who are ready for things to change.



Meadowinds is all about coming alongside you on your journey, to bring healing while equipping and strengthening you at your core to be more effective and confident in fulfilling your unique purpose.


   I hope you'll take a moment

to explore how I can come 

alongside you to equip you to

flourish in your life, purpose,

and relationships.


Meredith Mpinga, M.A.

Founder | Therapist | Speaker   



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